Japan's most

Popular Enzyme

More than 100 Millions Sold

Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Liquid" is the product Stepworld Co., Ltd, which has a proven track record of developing over 70 types of diet products, has progressed by focusing attention on enzymes and carefully selecting ingredients.

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Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Liquid

Japan's most popular Enzymez. More than 100 millions sold

Sweet tasting

Vegelife has a sweet taste. Say goodbye to bitter and sour enzyme.

Uncompromised manufacturing process

Vegelife is produced in the laboratory like environment with the highest standard in cleanliness.

Fermented fruit and plant extract only

We use over 90 fruits and plant to produce vegelife to make sure that your body get the right amount of nutrients.

Japan’s most famous food replacement enzyme

Vegelife is Japan’s most successful and top seller food replacement enzyme.

Over 1 million bottles in approximately 2 years

Thousands of customers trust vegelife to replace their meal and have bought over a million bottles.

Vegelife’s 90 Enzymes Help You Lose Weight and Improve Digestion for Peak Health

Japanese Weight Loss Sensation - 1 Million Sold in 2 Years

Britney Hamada lost 10kg in 10 weeks

Vegelife is a new health drink taking the weight loss world by storm. Containing 90 fermented extracts of wild herbs, vegetables, fruits and seaweed, Vegelife helps improve how your body digests foods, to retain less fat and to boost your overall health.

Vegelife is refreshing, easy to drink and has a deliciously fruity flavor. It makes you feel moderately full while being low in calories. So you can lose weight with fewer food cravings and in a healthy, sustainable way.

— Britney Hamada (manga artist and actor) lost 10kg in 10 weeks after successfully completing the ‘90 Day Vegelife Challenge’.

90 Enzymes in Every Cup

Enzymes help your body to gain the nutrition it needs from food. If your body doesn’t have enough digestive enzymes, you can suffer from tiredness, poor concentration, a higher risk of illness and weight gain.

Drinking Vegelife once a day can give your body a healthy dose of 90 enzymes in a single cup. These can provide you with a wealth of health benefits, including a reduction in your bad cholesterol, a stronger immune system, better concentration, more energy and a slimmer figure.

Healthy and nutritious, Vegelife contains 30 times less calories than an average breakfast:

  • 1 slice of toast and coffee = 430 kcal
  • Rice and chicken = 538 kcal
  • 1 glass of Vegelife = 14.2 kcal

Detail Ingredients Of Fermented Plant & Extract

Consisting of 90 types of fermented plant and extract of wild herbs, vegetables, fruits, seaweed and sugar

Acer nikoense

Aloe arborescens

Andrographis paniculata




Bean sprouts

Brown sugar

Burdock root




Cassia tora

Cassia Tora seed

Centella asiatica

Chinese scallion

Coix lacryma-jobi var. ma-yuen

Commelina communi

Dandelion root

Emblic myrobalan


Equisetum arvense

Eucommia ulmoides leaf


Ficus leaf



Ginkgo biloba leaf

Glechomae herba






Japanese apricot



Laminaria japonica


Liquorice root

Lonicera japonica

Loquat leaf


Mallotus japonicus

Matricaria chamomilla


Mucuna prurens var. utilis

Muira puama brk

Mulberry leaf

Nalta jute

Nandina leaf

New zealand spinach

Ocimum sanctum



Onion skin


Orange peel

Panax notoginseng


Peach leaf

Perilla leaf

Persimmon leaf


Pinetree leaf

Plantago asiatica

Platycodon root

Plectranthus japonicus

Red ginseng?Korean ginseng




Sambucus williamsii stem

Sasa albo-marginata

Shiitake mushroom

Siberian ginseng

Siraitia grosvenorii

Solomon's seal


Sugar beet

Taxus cuspidata


Tinospora cordifolia miers

Uncaria tomentosa

Wolfberry fruit

Wolfberry leaf



Ziziphus jujuba

(yams and apples are included as a part of ingredients
*Ingredients are subject to change.

How Britney Hamada Got Her Dream Body in 10 Weeks

How Britney Hamada Got Her Dream Body in 10 Weeks

Britney Hamada is a manga artist and actor. She had tried all sorts of diets and meal replacement drinks to try and lose weight but nothing worked. They did nothing to stop her food cravings, and the lack of nutrition caused her to suffer from low energy, low moods and poor concentration.

Desperate for a safe, healthy way to lose weight, Britney agreed to take our day ‘90 Day Vegelife Challenge’. All she had to do was replace one meal a day with a single cup of Vegelife for 90 days, as well as eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise for 30 minutes a day.

The results for her were amazing: in just 10 weeks she successfully lost 10kg. What’s more, she completed the challenge without suffering from food cravings, low energy or poor concentration. In fact, the results were the opposite. As well as losing weight, her concentration and energy levels improved thanks to Vegalife’s nutritious 90 fermented fruit and vegetables in a single cup.

Her success was also experienced by a test group of 20 people. They replaced one meal per day with one glass of Vegelife. After 4 weeks the average weight loss was 2.4 kg, and 7 out of 20 participants lost 3 kg or more.

Vegelife is a Massive Success Story

  • Vegelife has an average customer review score of 4.07 on Rakuten, Japan’s #1 ecommerce website
  • Vegelife was selected in "the diet category of the award for cosmetic products selected by readers" in a popular magazine called "SCawaii!!” (January 2015 issue).
  • Britney Hamada received the diet award at the Tokyo Yaseru Festa in 2013 for the celebrity who lost the most significant amount of weight.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that Vegelife can help transform your body and your health that we want you to be able to try it at no risk. So if after completing the ‘90 Day Vegelife Challenge’ you experience no reduction in your weight or improvement in your health, simply email us the photos and return the empty bottle to get your purchase refunded in full.

Take our 90 Day Vegelife Challenge

We’d love you to discover how you can also lose weight while improving your health from a cup of Vegelife a day.

This is how to take our ‘90 Day Vegelife Challenge’:

  • 1) Order a bottle of Vegelife
  • 2) When it arrives, take a full body photo and check your weight
  • 3) Replace one meal a day with a cup of Vegelife
  • 4) Exercise for 30 minutes a day
  • 5) Make healthy food choices, such as fruit and vegetables instead of pizza
  • 6) After 90 days take another full body photo and check your weight again
  • 7) Send us an email with the photos telling us how happy you are with your new dream body

By following these steps you can experience the same transformation that Britney Hamada enjoyed from drinking Vegelife once a day. Remember, you can also expect to gain more energy, less bad cholesterol, better concentration and an all round improvement in your health from giving your body a daily dose of 90 enzymes.

Common FAQ


How long is the fermentation period of Vegelife & are there any sugar?

3.5 yrs and sugar is added as well for the fermenting process


What are the main ingredients?

Japanese herbs, seaweed, fruits, culinary plants and sugar.


How to drink?

As it is a kind of soft drinks, there are no particular rules; however, you are recommended to drink around 20 ml to 40 ml each time (Please use the supplied measuring cap) and can drink it as it is or mix with other beverages.


How soon to see results

Britney Hamada (a Japanese manga artist), an official product tester, took on the challenge of a "meal replacement diet program" by replacing one meal a day with the enzyme drink and succeeded in significant "weight loss of 10 kg" in two and a half months and weight loss of 15 kg in one and a half years.

  • Vegelife Enzyme Drink was also tested by 20 general product testers for 4 weeks by replacing one meal per day with the enzyme liquid.
  • According to the test results, the average weight loss in 20 participants was 2.4 kg, and 7 out of 20 participants lost 3 kg or more
  • Results vary according from individual to individual.

Vegelife Enzyme Drink 500Ml

Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Liquid" is the product Stepworld Co., Ltd, which has a proven track record of developing over 70 types of diet products, has progressed by focusing attention on enzymes and carefully selecting ingredients.

The ingredients are decomposed by enzymes into low molecules by fermenting 90 types of ingredients, and the absorption of such ingredients by the human body is improved. Accordingly the product can make up for the nutritional insufficiency that can often occur during fasting and help people to diet in a healthy and effortless way.

Moreover, the product containing fruits has a slightly sweet taste and smooth flavor. Thus, particular consideration has been given to the taste and flavor so that you can continue to enjoy drinking it for a long time.

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